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*scratching my head*




I wasn't going to write a review at all, but I figured I was on a another-dud-book trend anyway, so I may as well leave some reviews for other books that had me questioning my sanity.  The writing style was not my cuppa at all.  The author tries way too hard to be lyrical, poetic, or... something, but all she did was make me scoff and roll my eyes therefore taking me out the "story" or forming any connection with the main character.  I could not connect with her at all, so if the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghost Busters showed up to swipe her ass off a roof, I wouldn't have cared at all.  In fact, I would have cheered him on.  The relationship between the MC and her brother bordered on disturbing, but I don't know if that was me reading between lines I didn't want to cross or the ambiguity of the writing.  I didn't understand why another character would be interested in the mess that was the MC.  And the ending was... honestly, who cares?  


The book made as much sense as this sign