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5 stars for unimaginative unoriginality

Red Hill - Jamie McGuire

*yawn*  I almost fell asleep just writing my review for this cliched, boring, unsatisfying book.  


I don't even expect originality, particularly when it comes to a zombie apocalypse book, but I do want to be entertained especially in a genre I'm quite fond of.  Instead of holding my pee (sorry, TMI) until I was hunched over in pain because I didn't want to stop reading, I found myself putting my phone (kindle app) down multiple times to do laundry, torture myself with a 55 minute Ballet Barre dvd, try to figure out how to personalize my blog on BookLikes, and separate my recyclables.  There just wasn't enough plot development or character development to fuel my interest, and the characters were dull. Blah.  Meh.  And the world building was... wait, what world building?


I wouldn't even categorize this as romance, since some of the characters (story is told in 3 different povs) don't even meet till halfway into the book.  But when they do, it's insta-love love... I think.  I mean, I was told they had feelings for each other, but no show.  Ah, yes, another author who's fallen into the tell not show oubliette of inadequate story-telling.  And then there's the other character's love triangle. *eye roll* *yawn*





I'll probably be in the minority considering this author's fanatical fans popularity, but that's fine.  I wasn't all that impressed with her first book either, and I had read it pre-hype.  I guess her writing just really isn't my cuppa.