I read, I eat, I work, and then I read a lot more. Who needs sleep.

56 Hunters
57 Jefferson Starships
No, thank you.
No, thank you.

This is obviously not a book, but I had to leave a short review of this supposedly good-for-me-but-tastes-like-nothing-I-will-ever-drink-again drink. 


My dear sister brought me four bottles of Kombucha Multi-Green drink a few days ago while I was sick, and could not eat anything solid without throwing it up.  God help me, but kombucha is absolutely gross.  It tastes like sparkling pickle juice.  *swallowing to stop myself from gagging*   No.  Just no.


On a related note, I'm still sick, but I have a little bit more energy today, and I managed to choke down 3 multi-grain crackers.  Yay!