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Clueless but not giving up

Since creating my account over a week ago, I had to take the day off yesterday from trying to figure out all this html stuff to personalize my account here, because it just wasn't working, and I was getting way too frustrated.  But after another day of unsuccessfully personalizing my blog, I still can't get it.  I swear on the precious dead tree versions of my favorite books that I have tried over and over again for a week now, going by the tutorials that so many members have so generously posted and shared, but it just won't work for me.  

What seems so clear and almost simple (for example: getting the background picture to stop repeating should be a simple word replacement, right?  Change "repeat" to "fixed" in the appropriate html code as indicated in a nice tutorial [with screenshots], hit save [rinse, repeat for shelf, timeline, etc] and hit save again in the customize section, and ta-da! the background picture should be one nice picture background instead of a set of repeating rows of the same picture. Yeah, no, not for me.  fairy farts!) is a lesson in patience and how much ice your big toe needs from kicking the wall in frustration for me.  Grrrr.  I even came to the bright deluded conclusion that the problem wasn't me, but it was my laptop's fault.  So, I would do this on my desktop and everything would work smoothly, and my BL blog would be fantastically personalized by moi.  Yes! Uhm... yeah, no.


Please note: this pseudo blog-like thingie here at BL is this reader's first blog, hence the eagerness to see what I could do - which after a week of more trials and errors that I won't bore you with, is proving I can do nothing on this regard.  *deep breath* Which I'm okay because I realized that I was getting way too distracted trying to figure this out instead of doing what I like best eating shopping reading.  


This doesn't mean I'm giving up.  But if my blog page looks like it vomited random pictures and colors, and you cringe in disgust and horror can't read anything, I apologize in advance.  Seriously very sorry.  It might get pretty ugly around my blog until things magically work themselves out.